It all began with a dream.  As an animation enthusiast, we have always envied the genius and a phenomenon called Walt Disney who created ripples across the globe, by dishing out one magical timeless creation after another.  History bears testimony to the fact that all of his creations stood the real test of time.  The aura of his creations left an indelible impression on our mind.  We were spell bound and mesmerized by the sharp witted antics of his cartoon characters.  It ignited in us a spark of true love for animation, which consciously or unconsciously raged in us for years.  "Times have changed".  The ignited spark developed into a blazing passion in us. We took to animation, as a young bird takes to sky and a fish to water.  After some deep contemplation, the ground reality of animation in India hit us really hard.  There were hardly any animators in India and animation was entirely an alien concept.  People across the nation were content applauding the breathtaking magical Creations in Animation from the west.  Nobody dared to take animation as a career, as they perceived it to be too complicated and something, which is absolutely beyond their reach.  We mustered courage and seriously plunged to take Animation.  Criticism came from all quarters and branded us crazy and our initiatives as juvenile fantasies.  It takes a lot of nerve to break from the regular mainstream as we had no back support.  We braved all the odds and decided to battle it out on our own.

Meticulous strategizing our far-sighted priorities immensely helped us and we all put our heart and soul into educating ourselves about the technology behind.  The enriching experience at other Recognized animation studios made us thoroughbred professional in our chosen domain.  But we always nurtured a secret quest to form an ecstatic liaison with Animation, which would remain inseparable for the rest of our life and envisioned a dream to float a Animation Company and elevate it to the status of a trend setting corporate leader in Animation. The dreams got transformed into a reality when Tooni Arks was floated in collaboration with a mentor and a good friend Mr. Sunil Sanku CEO (who is an MS in computer from USA also a US Resident) and other counterpart Mr. A Y Prasad Partner Business Development (with a vast experience in Health care sector for about 2 decades) and Mr. Pradeep’s J N Managing Partner (a creative Director and team leader in erstwhile Animation Production Company).  Tooni Arks strongly believes in the notion that Innovation is Boundless and its official principle is to glorify the “Celebration of Innocent Child hood".



Sunil Sanku

Sunil Sanku (CEO) has a MS in computer from USA, A forerunner in setting up the studio; Foray of Ideas has already given shape to some of the projects. Has ample experience in handling/executing the affairs of the company.  His copious passion for animation has already brought forth some home production, which are receiving rave acclamation in and around. .

Pradeep J N

Pradeep JN (Managing Partner) apart from an animator is also a lead partner of the company,. Prior to joining Tooni Arks, Pradeep was holding a senior position as a director of the erstwhile company.  He was also in charge for supervising top ranking animation serial in the National Channel, Having an experience of over eighteen years in the filed of animation, Pradeep is all set to achieve a niche to Tooni Arks, passion for animation switched his carrier from a senior position in administration of a Health care industry, He was trained both in traditional and digital animation, Later he was also a faculty to groom up a team of dedicated animators for production of several animation projects.

Prasad A Y

A Y Prasad (Partner, Business Development) plays a major role in the steady growth and makes a major foray into the animation market. He is also a promoter director of the company. Prior to joining Tooni Arks Mr.Prasad served as an Asst. Manager in a Health care industry for over seventeen years. He was awarded as a good PRO in promoting the company to a good height.

Raja Velu

Raja Velu studied animation in Van Arts (Vancouver Canada). He started his job as an Asst. Director to big time renowned directors including Mr, Kadhir, he was associated as Ass. Director to the block buster feature film Kadhal Desam, Khadhalam Dinam, Yuvakudu to name few. He was also associated with a leading TV channel as a Cameraman, later he led an animation Department as an Animation Director.

Nageswara Rao I

I Nageswara Rao (Sr. Manager) has over two decades of experience in Animation, Free hand over several softwares  is a mastermind for several commercials and EFX for TV serials and programs. Holds few awards for technical excellence for editing Commercial Products.

Ramachandrudu L

Mr. L Ramchandrudu (Sr. Executive) is an experienced digital animator with a decade of experience,  prior to joining Tooniarks he was associated with 2 production houses who had produced contents for National Channel.  Ramchandrudu plays a major role by heading the Digital department.