Tooni Arks was conceived as a design studio specializing in delivering Cutting- edge multimedia solutions to global clients. Our professionals have rich domain. Expertise in the field of multimedia and this experience is available to all our clients.

We follow a disciplined work ethic and that has earned us a growing reputation for quality work. Our products and solutions incorporate the latest ideas and new technologies to provide your business with a notable competitive advantage.

We custom-design every communication, marketing tool and program around a single purpose: results. We ensure that the end products what the client wants, expects and needs.

So whatever your communication needs, you will find us as good as (if not better than) the best. Our involvement and services will leave you feeling we are an inseparable extension of your own organization. We strive for excellence in our professional services so as to cultivate long-term relationships with our clients.


Work we do:

2D animation
Computer Graphics
Character Animation
Effects Animation

Graphic Design/Interactive media
Interactive design, CBT
Flash Design / development
Website developments